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May 7, 2012

The Traffic of Hanoi [photos]

People had warned me about the traffic in Hanoi. I thought I was prepared to take it on—but I wasn’t. It’s not big trucks or bumper-to-bumper […]
April 6, 2012

Photos from the Road: Shaxi’s Friday Market

Shaxi’s Friday Market was by far the most interesting of the markets we had had visited in China’s Yunnan Province. Sha Ping Market, the previous Monday, […]
March 14, 2012

Shopping at Sha Ping

Every day of the week you can find a market in the towns around Erhai Lake in northwestern Yunnan Province. On Tuesday it’s in Shuanglang, on […]
March 6, 2012

7 Super Shots

Thanks to Runaway Juno for nominating me for 7 Super Shots started by You can read her 7 Super Shots post here. Basically, you choose […]
February 13, 2012

Photos from the Road: Zhu Family Garden

The Zhu Family Gardens is a huge Qing-era (1644-1911) complex of ancestral building, family homes, courtyards, ponds and gardens. You can amble from courtyard to courtyard […]
February 2, 2012

Photos from the Road: Playing Chinese Chess under Chaoyang Gate

Chaoyang Gate stands proudly in the center of Jianshui, a small Yunnan city south of Kunming. This bright red prominent structure was modeled on the Yellow […]
August 16, 2011

Photo from the Road: Philadelphia Public Art

Philadelphia is best known for its groundbreaking Mural Arts Program, which has produced some 3,000 murals city-wide and led to the city being called Mural City […]
June 20, 2011

Photo from the Road: Muang Ngoi Laos

Muang Ngoi is a tiny settlement along the Nam Ou River in the northweast of Laos. It’s set among the karst mountain landscape and can only […]
March 3, 2011

Photo from the Road: Jeonju Architecture

Jeonju is a traditional city with a strong culture. It is also one of the best cities in South Korea to see preserved architecture in the […]
February 5, 2011

No Beggars, No Thieves

By Stephen Bugno Korea’s Jeju Island is known for what it has and for what it lacks. It is called Samdado, meaning “Island of Three Abundances” […]
January 22, 2011

Photos from a Korean Village

Buckchon-ri, Jeju Island, South Korea I wanted to give everyone an idea of what a small village is like on Jeju Island. This is where the […]
January 7, 2011

Photo from the Road: Citrus Farms of Jeju Island

The Citrus Farms of Jeju Island The tangerine was introduced to Jeju Island of Korea during the Japanese occupation and grows well, together with native Jeju […]
November 21, 2010

Photo from the Road: Fruit Vendor at the Market, Colombia

I snapped this photo at the market in San Gil, Colombia. San Gil has recently emerged as the adventure sports hub of Colombia, but it is […]
November 5, 2010

Is this art?

I found this stencil graffiti just outside of Cartegena University. The graffiti artist poses an interesting question. Is the graffiti around this stencil art or not? […]
October 29, 2010

Cartagena Street Vendor

After walking all around the old city for a few hours, I stopped for some grilled chorizo that this guy was cooking up. Colombia is a good […]
September 7, 2010

Photo from the Road: Chihuahua’s Museo Quinta Gameros

Successful mine owner Dom Manuel Gameros built this gorgeous mansion in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1910 as an exact replica of a posh Parisian home. It was […]
July 28, 2010

Photo from the Road: Monticello Tractor Pull

We had just visited Canyonlands National Park Needles District after camping the night before at the base of the Abajo Mountains in Manti-La Sal National Forest […]