My 2015 Eurail Route

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January 22, 2015
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My 2015 Eurail Route

eurail route

eurail route

Last year’s off-season Eurail trip was such a success that I’m headed back for another round! I scored another super cheap airfare on Norwegian, so I’m flying into Oslo again. This year I’ve got a 21-day continuous pass, as opposed to last year’s 15 days in a 2-month period. Both passes are great, it just depends on the type of trip you want to make. For a slower-paced trip, spending a few days in each of the capitals, the 15-day pass is good. I’m planning a very fast-paced trip, hitting lots of smaller second and third-tier cities. I’m only spending more than one night in the places where I’m visiting friends. I’m also doing a lot of stop-offs along the way when I pass through an interesting town.

eurail route

My Eurail Trip Itinerary

Oslo to Bergen, Norway via the Bergen Scenic Route & Flaam Scenic Railway
Bergen to Varberg, Sweden
Varberg to Helsingborg, Sweden
Helsingborg to Odense, Denmark via Helsinor, Denmark
Odense to Den Haag, Netherlands
Den Haag to Brussels (via Delft, Netherlands)
Brussels to Konstanz, Germany via Black Forest Line Scenic route
Konstanz to Freiburg, Germany via Stein am Rhein and Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Freiburg to Berlin via night train
Berlin to Poznan, Poland
Poznan to Kecskemet, Hungary via Budapest
Kecskemet to Subotica, Serbia
Subotica to Belgrade, Serbia



It’s worth noting that the 21-day pass is actually cheaper than the 15-day pass. They’re figuring that travelers won’t get on and ride everyday, or at least not go as far a distance. I guess they don’t know me.
I’m choosing to stop in small cities because I like those best. I like to be able to walk wherever I need to go directly from the station without having to catch onward transport. I also don’t have to worry about multiple rail stations that major cities have. But I’ve been to Europe’s major cities before and am looking for a different experience this time around. I’ve already found many of my favorite small cities in Europe, and I’m looking to continue this theme. I also want to bring these cities, many of which are quite interesting, to the attention of my readers in hopes they’ll be inspired to seek out visiting these places themselves.
eurail route
My main objective of the trip beside exploring these places is to ride the listed scenic routes and prepare some articles for the Eurail blog. You can read all my article on the Eurail blog, here.
I am also excited to reach Poland and Serbia by rail. 2015 will be the first year for these countries to be included in the Global Pass, along with other newcomers Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. A total of 28 countries are included in the Eurail Global Pass.
Have you been to any of the cities listed above or ridden any of the scenic routes? Leave your impression in the comments below.

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Stephen Bugno
Stephen Bugno
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  1. kami says:

    Too bad we will miss each other when you will be in Poland! It would be so much fun to meet!
    Brno and Subotica were among the biggest (positive) surprises of my 2014 travels and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did! Can’t wait to read all about your trip!

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