Common Scams in India that Foreigners should know

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Common Scams in India that Foreigners should know

India has a lot to offer to every tourist! It has the world renowned monuments, mesmerizing landscapes, preserved heritages and cultures, delicacies in a variety of cuisines and what not? But as there are two sides to every coin, this country also has the other facet. And this view of this country is scary!
India is also a home to a lot of deceivers. There are an ample number of Indians who are very welcoming and supportive and will guide you and respect you as a guest but on the other hand there are also abundant of those who would not take a moment to cheat you and befool you. One has thus to be very careful while one’s onset to this country. Some examples of the scams that one is certain to encounter as a foreigner are listed below:

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Self-Governed Fares For Taxi’s And Auto Rickshaw

Right from stepping into this country, at the airport, one is expected to be bluffed with the fares cited by the carriers. As a foreign tourist, you have to be aware of the availability of prepaid taxi’s available at the airports. These prepaid taxis have fares charged as per the government rules and these cabs are registered with the authorities. Choosing one of these would lessen your risk of being cheated. Apart from this, all the major or metro cities in this country have metered taxis and rickshaws that one should cross check before availing any of these for commuting. It is always a better option to take metro trains wherever available in cities like Delhi, Mumbai to avoid all the travel inconvenience. Fix the fares before occupying any unmetered rickshaw or taxi and compare the same with at least two to three vendors. To keep a check on the route you are been taken, keep your mobile GPS on to track your movements.


Suggestions For Hotels / Budget Stay Options

Everyone would love to avail the best budgetary stay and save some pennies for further journey, but not at the cost of your safety. You are prone to be offered a cosy yet cheap stay option by the driver carrying you through his taxi or auto rickshaw. Beware as he could land you at a place where you and your luggage might not be safe. Never believe these drivers if they say that the hotel that you had booked is under repair or has been shut down or some other excuse. It is always safe to occupy a pre-booked hotel or reservation and if you have not, please do a proper research either through internet or by seeking advice from some localised before venturing into trouble.


Beware Of Local Thefts And Bag Snatchers

One of the greatest folly that all of us do during our travel is leave our bags, trusting a stranger. Maybe while checking out hotels, the cab or auto driver asks us to check the hotel room availability and feasibility while he would take care of our luggage in the cab and we trustingly do that! This then turns out to be the travelling disaster for us because the cab fellow flees with the luggage. When in India, one needs to be very cautious of the bags and baggage as there would be many eyeing to grab it, the very moment you leave it unattended. Never leave your belongings like cash, jewelry, cards and passport or visa neglected as this country is famous for the highest rate of thefts. Also while commuting through auto rickshaws, make sure that you do not keep your hand bag or wallet at the corners, as you may fall victim to a bag snatching event, which is very common with bikers in this country.


Unregistered Tourist Guides

As travellers, our curiosity to know the ins and outs of the place we visit, falls prey to the traps of the unregistered tourist guides. Be very selective in opting for a registered guide for a place or else you could be misled to buying unnecessary pricey items or souvenirs. These fake tourist guides cheat you by taking you through selective markets and eateries and make you spend superfluous.
It is not only in India, but these are scams that generally occur at places of tourist attractions worldwide. It is a wiser decision to be alert and avert being victimized to these frauds.


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Rohit is a nomad and loves to be to various places. During his travel, there were events he was trapped and does not want his fellow travelers to fall prey to those events. Hence he shares his experiences and sends alerts to his friends and travelers.

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