Sri Lanka in Photos

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Sri Lanka in Photos

The lighthouse of Galle, Sri Lanka in the setting sun.

Every adventure in Sri Lanka is bound to start on the railway. So too, does this photo essay of my one month in Sri Lanka.

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Waiting for the train to pull out of the station at Colombo Fort.


Highlight of the day was meeting this school group and their teachers over on Galle Fort walls at sunset. They traveled 10 hours by bus to visit this Dutch colonial city.



An afternoon on the railroad tracks outside Colombo.

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View from the train ride up the west coast of Sri Lanka from Galle to Colombo.


A massive parade in the small town of Dambulla, complete with fire twirlers, school kids carrying flags, dancers, musicians, and dressed-up elephants. All this to celebrate Vesak (Buddha’s Birthday)!


Learned a little bit about Sri Lanka’s stimulant of choice (Betel leaf and Areca nut) from this guy. Here he is cutting open the Areca nut.

sri lanka

First elephant spotted in Sri Lanka! [In Habarana Eco Park]

the withering stage at Danbatenne Tea Factory

Touring the Danbatenne Tea Factory, which Sir Tomas Lipton himself built back in 1890. It is a real factory and the tour was a very raw experience (touched the tea right on the conveyor belt, wore no hair net, etc.)–we saw all stages of production, met some employees and got some cool shots.

Juno working online from our guesthouse.

This is about as good as it gets for the digital nomad. Runaway Juno working on our guesthouse balcony up in the hill country village of Ella.

Cutting a King Coconut at Dambulla wholesale market in Sri Lanka.

The King Coconut is one of the pleasures of traveling Sri Lanka. They cost about 40 cents and you get a cool guy like this to slice open the top with a big knife. After you drink the water inside, he’ll split it open and you can eat the meat inside.

Carrying a crate of tomatoes at Dambulla wholesale market in Sri Lanka.

For me, visiting a wholesale produce market was better than a tourist attraction.

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From the mountains to the shore. [Ella to Arugam Bay] Sri Lanka has varied topography and geography.

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An old photo from the tea museum in Kandy.

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    Wow! Lush photos and you got to tour the Danbatenne Tea Factory – Fun!

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    Awesome photos, Stephen! I like how you captured not only the spaces, but also the people. Traveling is, after all, about the people.

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