Hong Kong via Instagram

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October 15, 2014
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Hong Kong via Instagram

hong kong via instagram

hong kong via instagram


Hong Kong via Instagram

Hong Kong is an excellent introduction to Asia. It’s ideal for a long stopover or as a destination in itself. The first time I visited Hong Kong a few years ago, I stayed for almost three weeks! My second time was a six-day layover last month. I revisited some of my favorite places (including restaurants!) and sought out some new ones. This time around I was armed with my smart phone. Since joining Instagram, I’ve made these posts earlier in this series: Myanmar via Instagram and Calcutta (Kolkata) via Instagram.


Hong Kong is a great example of the juxtaposition of modern and traditional of Asia. You’ve got cutting edge architecture and skyscrapers near street markets overflowing with fresh seafood, meat, and all kinds of vegetables. There are world-class restaurants close to street carts serving up late night favorites. You’ll see shirtless working-class Hong Kongers loading and unloading trucks in Kowloon while bankers in tailored suits make their way to the offices on Hong Kong Island.


One of the secrets of Hong Kong is the quietness of the outlying islands and the interesting geologic terrain of the New Territories. One of my favorite activities in Hong Kong is actually a favorite pastime of many locals: hiking. It’s not the first thing most people think about Hong Kong, but you’d be surprised by the number and length of trails here. The views are pretty outstanding too, as long as the air pollution is at bay!


Come along with me on a tour of Hong Kong via Instagram!



Many Hong Kongers are avid fishermen. There sure is enough coastline!




Wet markets are an important aspect of Hong Kong’s society and a place where most locals shop.



Occasionally the air pollution gets bad. This intensifies the sunsets.



There are some great views from the outer islands.


Hong Kong via Instagram

You’d be surprised just how many miles of hiking trails there are in this city. Some of my favorites are on Lamma Island.



The village of Sok Kwu Wan is mostly a string of seafood restaurants. But it looks nice from up here.




In most of Hong Kong, the only way to go is up.




Betting at the horse track is a favorite pastime among older Hong Kongers.




For a really local experience, head out to Sha Tin Race Course in the New Territories.



In the madness of Kowloon, Chi Lin Nunnery is a serene parallel world.




In Hong Kong, Cantonese food is the specialty, but these are Beijing-style dumplings and noodles.


hong kong via instagram

It’s not hard to find fresh produce in the outer districts.


hong kong via instagram

That’s a really big knife!


hong kong via instagram

This old temple was hidden away in the backstreets up in the New Territories.



hong kong via instagram

Old traditions die hard in Hong Kong.

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