Top 5 Instagram Photos from 2014

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Top 5 Instagram Photos from 2014


This is my second year on Instagram and it’s one of the few social media networks that I enjoy using. You can find me at @bohemiantraveler.
This year I’ve posted from Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Oman, the United States, and several countries in Europe. Mobile photography (photos from my mobile phone) is a bit different than traditional photography, but it’s a fun, less abrasive alternative to lugging around and sticking a big camera in front of someone’s face.
This year I wrote a post with tips for improving mobile photography.
Here are 2014’s top 5 Instagram shots:


5. The east coast of Taiwan sure is scenic. Rent a bicycle and pedal you way along the rice fields.


4. Borneo is famous for its sunsets. There are few places I’ve seen more consistent beautiful sunsets. I would make a special effort to see at least two sunsets every week when I lived on Borneo.


mobile photography


3. The water villages of Malaysia are one of the special aspects of this country with a long coastline. Here is the water village in Kota Kinabalu, close to where I lived.


2. How many sunsets did you see last year? Take time this year to slow down and enjoy these moments.


Taiwan via Instagram
1. One of the highlights of my trip to Taiwan was a ride along the Qingshui Cliffs on the east coast of the country. Rent a scooter in the morning when traffic is light, and just ride!

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Stephen Bugno
Stephen Bugno
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    KK Sunset! Ah, memory!

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