Fernando Botero Sculptures in Medellin

Arrival in Colombia, First Stop Medellin
October 12, 2010
Photo from the Road: Medellin Knife Drop
October 27, 2010

Fernando Botero Sculptures in Medellin

After Pablo Escobar, Medellin, Colombia’s most famous son is Fernando Botero. He is perhaps South America’s most beloved artist. You might recognize his art as those characterized by the use of distorted proportions, or more simply, his people and animals look a little fat. I’ve been bumping into Botero’s work around Europe over the years but was first introduced to him via a 1993 exhibit in the Palace of the Popes in Avignon, France.

Medellin is loaded with the art of Botero and others. Over 90 sculptures worth an estimated $120 million USD have been donated by the artist. A 1983 city ordinance requires that anything built over 2,000 square meters must incorporate a work of art. Medellin, now known as the City of Eternal Spring, may be known as the City of Eternal Public Art in the near future.

This is Pajaro de Paz, or the Bird of Peace. Ironically, it was blown up in 1995 by a guerilla, killing 12 people. Instead of removing it, Botero left it there and created an identical Bird of Peace to place right beside it.

In Plaza de las Esculturas, also known as Plaza Botero you can find 23 of his sculptures, out in the open. Here are some examples:





Man on a Horse

Rapto de Europa

Roman Soldier

Check out the Museo de Antioquia in Medellin for more of Botero’s works.

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