Road Trip Inspirations: Most Scenic Drive in the Land of the Oz

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Road Trip Inspirations: Most Scenic Drive in the Land of the Oz

Twelve Apostoles, Australia

Road Trip Inspirations: Most Scenic Drive in the Land of the Oz

Are you sick to death of the same dull drive each day? It’s about time you took a well-deserved road trip in the land down under. It is the best way to experience the full splendor of Australia.


Alluring seaside towns, lush rain forests, magnificent beaches, vibrant cities, and spectacular wineries, you name it, the country has it. I don’t think there’s a better way to see them all than driving around and appreciating everything.


If you are up for an adventure, you’re in for a treat. With so much to see and do, the most practical way for you to go is to find a car hire in Sydney Parramatta. Nothing gives you freedom and convenience more than getting in your own car instead of taking a guided tour.


Before you set off on your trip, make sure you do your research and look for a reliable and inexpensive car hire company that can offer you a suitable vehicle. There are lots of routes to choose from, and you never know what you will see.


To help ease the burden of choosing where to go, have a look at some of the most epic scenery in the land of Oz.



When you think of Australia, Sydney is the first place that comes to mind. Home to the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, this city is a must on any itinerary. Spend some time to walk around the CBD.


The harbour is just a sight to behold, and if you’re brave enough, try climbing it for an epic photo opportunity.


Also, don’t forget to visit Bondi Beach and take the Coogee coastal walk to experience some breathtaking views of the water and beaches.


There’s also Manly Beach, which you can access by taking a half hour ferry ride through the harbour.


Blue Mountains

Once you’ve had your fill of the city, head on over to the Blue Mountains, which feels like you’re a world away, but it will only take you about an hour to get there.


If you love waterfalls and hiking trails, you’ll find plenty of it. Spend a couple of hours or even a few days to explore the magnificent views.


With a population of more than 8,000, Katoomba is the largest town in the range. It’s the most popular tourist spot with busloads of people moved in every day to see the famous Three Sisters and Katoomba Scenic World.


Great Ocean Road

If you want to experience one of the best drives in the country, you should drive through the Great Ocean Road to appreciate its scenic coastal route.


Some notable highlights of your road trip include the Split Point Lighthouse, the Twelve Apostles, and Warrnambool Art Gallery, situated amongst remote beaches, delightful eateries, and gorgeous views.


If you’re in the mood for excellent food and wine, then the Great Ocean Road will not disappoint.



If you want to see a different side of the country, this route is for you. It will take you to some of the least known but more interesting spots, such as the Devil’s Marbles, Coober Pedy, and Uluru.


This route is long and will take you right to the heart of the country, from the arid south to the tropical north of the continent.


This trip should not be taken lightly as you’ll have long periods where you won’t see any sight of civilisation. So, make sure you stock up on supplies and always gas up as the next petrol station is few and far between.


Have you taken a road trip in Australia? Did we miss anything out? We’d love to know. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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