5 Things to Know before Going to Cyprus

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5 Things to Know before Going to Cyprus

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A quick guide before coming to Cyprus

Cyprus, an ancient land owner thousands of years of rich history welcomes you to explore it and spend the time of your life. An island rumored to be the lost Atlantis that rose from the ocean, not only has years of history, it is also one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.
Cyprus is a must place to spend your holidays at, especially during the summer time.

Cape Greco National Forest Park, South Cyprus

Keep left

One of the most important details that anyone who visits Cyprus should know is to keep left when driving. Cyprus was influenced by being an English colony back in the day. Much like The British, Cyprus inherited their way of driving along with other additional driving laws such as traffic lights, speeding and many more. If you’ve ever been to the UK or you are coming from the land of the Rose, it will be easier for you to adapt. In case you’re hiring a car, it is recommended to stay off high ways for a while until you get more comfortable with driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road!

When I say Ayia – you say Napa

Oh Ayia Napa, the land partying. For anyone coming to Cyprus to have a little fun and party all night long then Ayia Napa is all you need. The famous resort is found to be one of the most entertaining places in Cyprus, filled with tourists who love partying day and night. It is not unusual to spot a celebrity there. Even Evan McGregor spent his holidays in Ayia Napa where he had his drunken tattoo! If you’re a true party animal, a visit in Ayia Napa is a must. If you’re more of the down low, a day trip at Ayia Napa’s most gorgeous and cleanest beaches you can find in the island where you can have a much more relaxing experience.

Chipre-Ayia Napa

Here comes the sun

Much like Ayia Napa’s party animals, the sun in Cyprus almost never rests. During the summer period, a typical day in Cyprus lasts from 6am up until 9pm. This makes Cyprus one of the most popular destinations to spend your holidays at. No need to worry whether it will rain or if it will be dark outside. Spending your days at the sunniest corner of the Mediterranean leads to unforgettable moments. With sun comes the heat, with temperatures reaching up to 45C (113F), exposing yourself in the sun should be done in moderation. Though, a sunscreen must always be at hand to avoid any irritations.

Blue Lagoon

Seas the day

Cyprus owns some of the most beautiful beaches that are well preserved and honored by the European Union. For anyone who visits the island, it is a must to spend your sunny days at the clear waters of Blue Lagoon in Paphos or Cape Greco in Protara. A popular destination, more convenient to the ones who want to stay near Larnaca’s airport, is the Castella Beach. There, you can combine a nice swim with a delicious meal at the nearby fish meze taverns. Right beside the beach, you can find some of the most gorgeous apartments to stay at, that guarantee comfort paired with amazing sea view. We have exactly the Cyprus accommodation you need at Lazuli Apartments, no need for you to look any further!

Easter Feast

A souvla a day keeps the doctor away

What Cyprus is most famous for, besides its great beaches and hospitality, is its food! You will not find a bigger passion that Cypriots have than to offer you a nice warm pitta filled with souvlaki or a delicious meat meze consisting of souvla (souvlaki only much bigger and yummier pieces of meat). Food to Cypriots is like beer is to the British! Meat meze taverns and restaurants are easy to be found wherever you go since they are like kiosks, every corner has one. Prepare your appetite for huge portions of food since it would be a shame for Cypriots (who are passionate about food) to do otherwise! Get ready for the feasts of your life.

Cyprus is the perfect combination of food, sun, hospitality and creating the best memories of your lifetime. A visit to the island is exactly what holidays are supposed to be.

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