14 Reasons You should Travel to Colombia with Us

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September 6, 2014
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A Walk around Ljubljana Slovenia
September 17, 2014

14 Reasons You should Travel to Colombia with Us

14 Reasons You should Travel to Colombia with Us

travel to Colombia


14 Reasons you should Travel to Colombia with Us


Have better experiences

Our tours are all about having better travel experiences. We don’t cart you around the country on a tour bus to show you everything through a window. Instead you’re out trying the best street food, hiking through the jungle, exploring the colorful streets of Cartagena, riding the cable car to the neighborhoods above Medellin, tasting what makes shade-grown Colombian coffee so delicious, meeting wonderfully warm Colombian people. Having positive travel experiences. Period.


small group tour

Our small group tour to Malaysia & Singapore had some great experiences


Our groups are small, really small

We limit our group size to 12. This gives you better, more unique experiences. We don’t walk around with a big flag attracting a lot of attention. We mimic the style of travel that we’ve been exploring the world with on our own. We’re curious and always learning about the place we’re traveling. Our small groups are like a few friends traveling together, making discoveries on their own.


Travel to Colombia with Us

The coastline of Tayrona is one of the most beautiful in South America


See dinosaurs at Tayrona

Alright, so there aren’t exactly any dinosaurs here, but you’ll feel pretty prehistoric hiking through thick jungle for a few hours to this beach. With no roads and minimal development, Tayrona Park is a place for nature lovers to get back to the earth, and an ideal place to see some of South America’s most lovely stretch of coastline. Here we’ll be sleeping in hammocks overlooking the white sand beaches, bending palms, and blue Caribbean Sea while the rhythm of the waves puts us to sleep. There will be an opportunity to hike to the lost village of El Pueblito, where a tribe of indigenous people live.


Responsible travel

We use independent guesthouses and hostels for our tours. Your money goes directly into the local economy. Throughout our tour of Colombia we’ll be using locally-owned businesses to support small entrepreneurs and families whenever possible.

coffee farm worker

Many of the Colombian coffee farms are small, family-run affairs.


Sip coffee at the source

We’ll be venturing up into cool Colombia coffee country. There are big mountains here with big views. You’ll have a chance to tour a coffee farm to learn how your favorite drink is grown and processed. Then you can spend the rest of the day in Salento sipping a hot cup of coffee at one of the many chilled-out coffee shops. Our accommodation in Salento looks over gorgeous country with breathtaking views. Before leaving we’ll hike through the Valle de Cocora, dotted with 60m high waxed palms, before continuing up into the cloud forest.



There’s lots of beautiful old colonial architecture in Colombia.


Increased safety and security

In the past two decades, Colombia has transitioned from one of the most dangerous countries in the world, to one of the most hospitable. Most Colombians have always been exceptionally warm people, but a few of the rotten ones made it previously unsafe. Certain places in the country you should still be aware of where you are wandering and what time it is and what you are carrying. But that is why you benefit from the local knowledge of our guide who knows Colombia as his second home!


Travel to Colombia

Half the fun of Cartagena is just wandering the streets and getting yourself lost in the old city on the Caribbean.


Wander through Cartagena

Drift through the Caribbean’s most romantic city with its atmospheric narrow lanes, beautiful colonial houses, and colorful balconies. Scale the Castillo de San Felipe for a view of old Cartagena and the Caribbean sea. Watch the sun set from high atop the old city walls. Hang out with locals in the plaza of the laid back neighborhood of Getsemani.



Colombia will charm you.


Our tours are different

Because our tours focus on authentic travel experiences, our group travel style mimics that of independent travelers. This means taking local transport, eating where the locals eat, and seeing the country from their perspective. This is the same independent style of travel we have been using ourselves to travel to a combined 100-odd countries over the last decade. The bottom line is; we know travel, and we’re excited to share our passion for independent travel with you.


colombia small group tour

Cable cars were built to give easy center-city access those in Medellin’s shanty towns.

See why foreigners love Medellin

In recent years, there’s been a surge of expats from around the world arriving in Medellin to live. Our very own Noel Lau lived there for almost two years. See why they love it so much as Noel takes you around his home away from home.



Street food is the best!


Eat local food

Food is a big focus on our small group tours, and Colombia will be no different. Food is always an essential element to each culture around the world, and by eating typical foods at local eating establishments, we will delve into that culture. Colombian food is heavy on cereals and grains, tubers, legumes, meats, vegetables, and fresh tropical fruits. It varies from the coastlines to the mountains and is influenced by indigenous and Spanish cuisines as well as others.


Colombia small group Tour

Colombia’s colonial towns high in the mountains are world’s away from the sultry coast.

Step back in time in Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is considered to be one of the finest colonial towns in Colombia. It has been declared a national monument in order to preserve its architecture. The town was the setting for one of the characters in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera. After you spend time strolling around the old cobbled streets, head out of town to visit the Fossil museum to see a complete dinosaur fossil that was found in the area.


Travel to Colombia

Colombia is devoutly Catholic.


More flexibility

Our relaxed pace of travel makes everybody happy. Retiree-age travelers get the extra time they need while younger travelers with more energy get a chance to explore on their own. Having two guides means our small group of 12 or less can split in two if necessary.


Travel to Colombia

Never turn down a great view!


Save money

Your money goes directly towards your travel expenses and guides–without getting lost in a mountain of administrative fees. That’s why we can offer you the best value tours out there. You’re not going to find a better priced boutique tour out there!


noel lau colombia

Meet our guide–Noel Lau–complete with his “Latin Soul”.


Our Guide

Our trip designer and group leader Noel Lau spent a decade working and traveling his way around the world. After a few years in Spain perfecting his Spainish, he traveled to South America, falling in love with the Latin rhythm of life. The place he chose to stay was Colombia. He was drawn to the landscape, culture, and the warmth of the Colombian people.


Join Noel in Colombia for our next tour:


Jan 11th – 25th, 2015 More information: Experience Colombia Tour


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