Next time in Las Vegas

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Next time in Las Vegas

I swore the last time I was in Las Vegas that I’d never return. What was the point? Sometimes we have bad experiences places, but we should be open-minded about returning. Maybe I should give Las Vegas another chance.

las vegas

The Interstate outside of Las Vegas Nevada


My First Time in Las Vegas


My first time to Las Vegas as an adult, I cruised through the night on the interstate, fueled by caffeine. I hit the casino floor at 5am with my mate and we gambled away our allotted money. We got a steak special at a legendary steakhouse and drank a coffee before leaving town four hours later only to crash from our caffeine high somewhere out in the desert at a rest stop. Not your typical visit to Vegas.


Next time in Las Vegas


The next time I visit Vegas, I want to do it right: stay at a nice Las Vegas hotel and try to let my cash last a little longer on the casino floor. I want to stay a few days, check out some other resorts, and see some shows perhaps. I’ll read up on a few travel blogs to see what I can do that’s a little more atypical. I’ve been reading up that the restaurant scene has exploded in Las Vegas. I’d like to eat well while I’m there. Reading travel guidebooks is another great source of information, too. Try Moon Handbooks, Lonely Planet, or Rough Guides.


Around Las Vegas


The great thing about Las Vegas, even though it is remote, there are some incredibly interesting places within a few hours by car. My personal favorite is Death Valley. But watch out if you go in the summer—temperatures can soar to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


Also the Grand Canyon is within shooting distance. The Grand Canyon hardly needs an introduction. Try the North Rim for a more intimate visit—fewer tourists go there. It’s also forested on the Rorth Rim, not desert-looking like the South Rim.


The Eccentricities of Las Vegas


There is no debating that Las Vegas is an eccentric place. And that makes it all the more interesting on paper. Did you know that 150 people get married in Las Vegas every day? And that Las Vegas eats almost as much shrimp as the whole United States in one day? And the city has the largest mechanical neon sign in the world?


I don’t think I’ll make an annual habit of returning to Sin City, but it would alright to give the place a second chance.

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