February 9, 2017
Tokyo on a Tight Budget

Traveling Tokyo on a Tight Budget

Traveling Tokyo on a Tight Budget Some think traveling Tokyo on a tight budget is impossible. While traveling in a country’s largest city is almost always […]
January 18, 2017
visit moldova

Why I’m Going to Moldova

Why I’m Going to Moldova We’ve been making our way east from Budapest, where we made a nice base for digital nomading (and relaxing in thermal […]
January 8, 2017

Your Guide to Budapest’s Thermal Baths

A Guide to Budapest’s Thermal Baths Budapest is known for its thermal baths. Humans have been exploiting these mineral-rich waters for health, relaxation, and enjoyment for […]
January 2, 2017
being location independent in Budapest

A Digital Nomad in Budapest

Budapest is a city of grand buildings, elegant bridges, a castle on a hill, and revitalizing thermal baths. I’ve been there a few times in the […]
December 26, 2016
why go to romania

Why I’m going back to Romania

Why I’m going back to Romania Three years ago, my first impression of Romania went something like this: “Wow, there are horse carts here. And people really still […]
November 29, 2016
things to see in iceland

9 Things to See in Iceland

Iceland is a small country in the North Atlantic Ocean which packs a big tourism punch. Many people use a stopover to see Iceland in a […]
October 8, 2016
Carpathians of Ukraine

Experiencing Life in the Carpathians of Ukraine

August 29, 2016
Fushimi Inari Shrine

Kyoto’s Best Site: A Morning at Fushimi Inari Shrine

August 1, 2016

Dhaka Cycle Rickshaws

  Getting local: Dhaka Cycle Rickshaws   In Dhaka cycle rickshaws are the preferred mode of transport. CNGs (tuk-tuks, or auto rickshaws) are popular for longer […]
July 18, 2016

How I saved $1,249 dollars traveling in Japan

How I saved $1,249 dollars traveling in Japan Japan has a reputation for being a very expensive country. But actually, it’s on par or slightly cheaper […]
July 11, 2016
Japan via Instagram

Japan via Instagram

As part of the popular via Instagram series of posts, I’ve decided to continue with the theme that included Bangladesh via Instagram, Peru via Instagram, and […]
July 4, 2016
Walk Around Freiburg Germany

A Walk Around Freiburg Germany

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany Freiburg lies on the edge of the Black Forest. But even right in the city, there is a good network of walking […]
June 20, 2016
Japan on $70 a Day

Japan on $70 a Day – What You Can Expect

Japan is not as expensive as its reputation might lead one to believe. Misconceptions have led prospective visitors to place the country as the holy grail […]
May 18, 2016
Kampong Cham Bamboo bridge

Cycling the Kampong Cham Bamboo bridge to Koh Paen

Cycling across the Kampong Cham Bamboo bridge to Koh Paen Although Kampong Cham is Cambodia’s third largest city, it hardly feels it. Its relaxed atmosphere and […]
May 14, 2016
best vegetarian food

Countries that serve some of the best vegetarian food

Whether you’re a vegetarian, a vegan, a health freak, or an animal lover, laying your hands on lip-smacking vegetarian food during your travels can get a […]
March 16, 2016
new zealand via instagram

New Zealand via Instagram

  New Zealand via Instagram   New Zealand via Instagram is part of my series of articles posting Instagram photos. Check out Peru via Instagram and […]
March 1, 2016

Travel (and eat Korean food) with us in South Korea!

  We’re super-excited to announce a special small group trip to South Korea in April 2017! Like all our previous trips, we’ll be focusing on local […]
February 16, 2016
Wellness in Los Angeles

Locals’ Favorites for Wellness in Los Angeles

Locals’ Favorites for Wellness in Los Angeles Getting and staying healthy is important, whether you’re at home or traveling. I covered my top ways for staying […]
February 11, 2016
northern lapland in winter Dog Mushing in Norway

Photos from Dog Mushing in Norway

Dog Mushing in Norway   “I would get shot if I ran my dogs over a ski path.”   I can feel both the smile and […]
January 16, 2016
Northern Lapland in Winter

A Week in Northern Lapland in Winter

My Week in Northern Lapland in Winter I didn’t know exactly what to expect in the northern part of Lapland, at the very top of Finland. […]
January 11, 2016
get and stay healthy

Do This to Get and Stay Healthy (at home or on the Road)

  This story starts about two years ago. I was healthy enough, but knew I could feel better. Did I pick up a parasite or unwanted […]
December 25, 2015
bohemian traveler

Travel Highlights of 2015

2015 has been an amazing year. From our drive across the Australian Outback to trekking to Machu Picchu to eating sushi in Tokyo to seeing the […]
November 21, 2015

Impressions of Bangladesh

Before traveling to Bangladesh I had read accounts of travelers falling in love with the country. Charmed by the supreme friendliness of the country’s people, there […]
November 15, 2015
Finnish lapland in winter

Why I’m going to Finnish Lapland in Winter

It started as a twitter chat, as many of Juno Kim’s (the voice behind adventures do. “You should come up to see the northern lights […]