Photo from the Road: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Greetings from the North of New Hampshire
September 6, 2011
Photo from the Road: Hanover Farmer’s Market
September 28, 2011

Photo from the Road: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth New Hampshire


Portsmouth, New Hampshire is one of those cities that everyone seems to love. It’s the perfect size—big enough to have the culture, entertain ment, and dining you want, but small enough to be friendly and un-stressful. As an added bonus it’s really beautiful with quite a long history (for the United States, anyway).

On my recent road trip, I stopped in Portsmouth for an afternoon to walk around and taste some beers at the Portsmouth Brewery, one of our country’s best. Although I probably could have lingered for a couple days, unfortunately, I had to leave town that day.


Photos of Portsmouth New Hampshire


North Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire



Pouring beer at the Porthsmouth Brewery


Tasting beer at the Porthsmouth Brewery


Portsmouth, New HampshireThe Route 1 Bridge to Maine


The Route 1 Bridge to Maine




Stephen with the Welcome to Portsmouth sign.

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Stephen Bugno
Stephen Bugno
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  1. Juno says:

    I’m glad that we decided drop by Portsmouth. Good photo collections here. It was a really cool town, very charming. New Hampshire is amazing place!

  2. Stephen Bugno says:

    Thanks Juno. Yeah, I wish we had more time to spend there. Next time…

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