Travel Tips: Experiencing the Cultural Side of Singapore

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Experiencing the Cultural Side of Singapore

Singapore is more than skyscrapers and shopping malls. The island country has a strong influence of Asian and European culture and is often referred to as a country where ‘East meets West’. For those planning a trip to this amazing Garden City, make sure your Singapore tour packages include a visit to some of the popular places that hold cultural significance. To help you plan Singapore tour with ease, here’s the list of must-see sites.

Esplanade – Theatre on the Bay

A part of the prime waterfront land by Marina Bay, The Esplanade is a prime spot for dining, shopping and performing arts. The place has theatre, recital studios, performance spaces, and concert halls. The architecture of the place is worth the praise.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Tang Dynasty-style influences the architecture of Buddha Tooth Relic temple. It was built in 2002 and houses the tooth relic of Buddha. The place also serves as the Chinese Buddhist cultural center. There’s a museum in the complex that houses ancient artifacts.

Thian Hock Keng

Popularly known as the ‘Temple of Heavenly Happiness,’ Thian Hock Keng is the oldest Hokkien temple on the Telok Ayer Street. The foundation of the temple was laid in 1839, and it took almost three years to finish the construction. The complex has a temple, a school and community center. What’s interesting about the design and construction of the temple is that the entire structure was built without nails.

Peranakan Museum

Peranakans is a community that’s a part of Malay, Chinese, and non-Malay inhabitants of Singapore. The museum is near the National Museum. There are ten permanent galleries in the complex that give an insight into the life of Peranakan life.

Sri Mariamman Temple

The Shri Mariamman temple was built in 1827 by immigrants from South India. It is the oldest Hindu temple on the island. The temple has an ornamental tower, which gets the attention of devotees and passerby alike. The temple organizes services and important festivals regularly.

St Andrew’s Cathedral (Neo-Gothic)

St Andrew’s Cathedral is the oldest Anglican Church in Singapore. Inspired by the design of 13th-century churches in England, it is believed to be built on land that was donated by an Arab settler. The Coventry Cross, the Canterbury Stone, and the Coronation Carpet are three essential components that relate the holy place of worship to the Church of England.

Golden Mile Complex

Popularly known as ‘Singapore’s Little Island,’ the Golden Mile complex is a center of life for the Indian community living in Singapore. The place keeps buzzing with spiritual chants from temples and mosques in that area. And yes, make sure you come here with an empty stomach because there’s a whole lot of scrumptious street food to savor.

Kulu Island

Legend has it that the Kullu Island came into being when long ago two shipwrecked sailors were saved by a magical tortoise that transformed itself into this Island. That’s how the Island got named as Kusu that means ‘turtle island’ or ‘tortoise island.’ The island is also popular among childless couple who visit the holy shrines on this island to pray for children.

Joo Chiat

If you are a fan of all that’s old school, then you are definitely going to love this place. The Peranakan enclave is rich with pastel colors, beautiful shop houses, and lip-smacking food. And just in case you don’t know who Peranakans are; well they are the descendants of Chinese migrants and they have a unique culture of their own.  A scroll down the Joo Chiat’s streets will introduce you to the fascinating food, clothing, architecture, and history of the Peranakans.

Experiencing the Cultural Side of Singapore

If you want to explore the cultural side of Singapore, you will be spoilt for choice. Apart from the attractions listed above, Singapore has many centers of worship, museums, and galleries that reveal many aspects of the culture of Singapore and its people. Find a holiday tour package that gives you an authentic experience of Singapore.

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