December News – Was 2016 really that bad?

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9 Things to See in Iceland
November 29, 2016
why go to romania
Why I’m going back to Romania
December 26, 2016

Everyone’s saying this is the worst year ever. There’s civil war and an increase in terrorism and hate-filled political movements based on racism and xenophobia. But hasn’t there always been? The world is a terrible place. Maybe we can’t change the world, but we can all make peace in our own inner world. I’m not saying to be apathetic towards social injustice. But rather on a personal level, make the choice to have calm and happiness in your own life. (Of course, that’s easy for me to say from my apartment in peaceful Bucharest, Romania. Many around the world can’t say the same.)

2016 was an Amazing year, personally

Personally, 2016 has been an amazing year, and I really ought to make one of those Amazing Experiences of 2016 posts like I did for 2015. Because it was a tremendous year, and I am continually grateful for the opportunity I have to pursue this nomadic lifestyle & the experiences I have all over the world. If you want to travel more or work as you travel I encourage you to make it happen. If you need a nudge, drop me a line.


Budapest was all about catching up on work, soaking in thermal water, and eating good food. Did you know Budapest is famous for its hot water springs? There are several thermal baths in the city exploiting this natural wonder for the benefit of human health, enjoyment, and relaxation. Check out the view of Széchenyi’s outdoor baths below. I’ll be compiling a guide to Budapest’s baths in the near future.


From Budapest we took the overnight train to Romania. Transylvania to be exact. We were scouting out a new tour for Unquote Travel with a local tour company. Transylvania is awesome and we look forward to inviting you to an Experience Transylvania Tour in 2017. Details coming soon.

Bucharest – A Temporary Home

We’ve decided to call Bucharest home for a month. We’re renting an apartment until mid-January and checking the city out when we have a chance. It’s not a city that attracts a lot of tourists mostly because the city doesn’t have a lot of typical tourist attractions. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find what is interesting here.

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Unquote Travel

Smaller Groups, better experiences, real travel. 

New tours are up:

Additionally here’s Mongolia, Thailand, Korea, and Finland.

Peru, Taiwan, Mexico, Colombia, Pakistan, Sichuan Province, Transylvania, Loire Valley, Moldova coming soon!

Hope to see you on one of our trips. If you want a $100 off coupon for one of the tours, just ask me.

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Stephen Bugno
Stephen Bugno
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