Hook Up the Caravan, Hit the Road and Head to These Great Spots

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Hook Up the Caravan, Hit the Road and Head to These Great Spots

A fun road trip can help to spice up a dull romantic relationship, or can be a great way for a family to bond during the summer. With so many destinations to consider, you may feel overwhelmed at the number of choices – or you may decide to be a bit spontaneous and just start driving. The only problem with this is that some places do not welcome caravans and campers, so it’s always good to know in advance whether or not you will be welcomed. We’ve done our homework to filter out places that do not accommodate caravans, and have picked three different and great spots around the UK to consider visiting on your next summer road trip.


Devon Cliffs

Situated on the south-western coast of England, Devon Cliffs will be one of the most beautiful holiday parks you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Designed to accommodate caravan travelers and everyone else, this sprawling complex provides visitors with a wealth of amenities that are must-haves on any vacation. The South West Coastal Path passes directly through the park, which gives you the ability to traverse as much of the southern coastline as you wish. Golfing, swimming, pristine beaches, bowling and hiking are just a few of the on-site activities that you and the family will be able to enjoy. There are many people who have moved to the holiday park full-time, which usually occurred after visiting it on a chance like you!


Combe Haven

Situated in East Sussex, Combe Haven combines plenty of caravan-accessible fun in one centralized location. Even if you don’t have a caravan, many of the accommodations on site are set up in the same way, which will make you feel right at home. This holiday park has amenities such as swimming, karaoke, water parks and cycling, but the nature offerings on-site is one of the main reasons people visit here. You’ll find several “bug hotels” scattered across the premises that highlight the biodiversity of the region, nature and bird reserves, outdoor play areas for the kids and even a series of reeds beds for those who want to be at one with mother nature for an evening. As one of the more affordable holiday parks in the southern half of England with plenty to do and enjoy, we highly recommend that you consider checking it out.


Craig Tara

Nestled in the western enclaves of Scotland and just south of Glasgow, Craig Tara features rolling hills, camping families and awesome views of the coastline. Here, you’ll find opportunities to go beach-walking, swimming, rock climbing and bowling, with fun activities such as finger-painting and miniature golf for the kids. With touring and camping facilities available here, you’ll know for sure that you can pull right up in your caravan and get settled in (want to add a camper to your caravan? Visit Gumtree to find local deals). With restaurants, golf courses and bars all on site, you won’t have to worry about not having a good time during summertime! Whether you want to get out and beach-comb or soak up some sun, Craig Tara is an excellent selection for your next destination.

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