6 Tips for Finding Your Way Around Las Vegas

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6 Tips for Finding Your Way Around Las Vegas

You’re planning your trip to Sin City and want to make sure you don’t get lost while you are there. Whether you are planning a trip for pleasure or because you are going to a convention, you still want to have some fun.

If what is what you are after, Las Vegas is the place to go. Many people don’t think they are able to bring their kids to Las Vegas, but it has gotten much more family friendly. Visiting M&M World is a great family activity, or you may consider the Las Vegas Lounge if you want to have a great evening out with the adults.

Even with your phone GPS, it can be easy to get turned around when you’re visiting Las Vegas. Keep reading this article to learn how to find your way when you’re in Las Vegas.

1) Look at the Las Vegas Calendar of Events

Hundreds of events are happening in Las Vegas every week. Whether you enjoy circus, concerts or other things, you are going to find something exciting happening in Las Vegas. When you map out which events you want to see, you can determine their location and make it easier to see where you need to go.

2) Decide What Hotels You Want to Visit

The hotels in Las Vegas are a great place to visit. The Bellagio has its fountains that bring many people to visit, Caesar’s Palace has a cool architecture that draws people in to take a look. Even if you aren’t staying at the hotels, you can look around and admire the hotels. Once you get on the strip with the different hotels, you can walk for a good distance just going in and out of hotels.

3) Grab a Map of Las Vegas

While you may have your phone, sometimes it is just easier to look at a physical map to see where you are and where you need to go. You may not have to buy one since some handouts have a local map so you can see how to get from point A to point B.

4) Find the Best Places to Eat

Hello, Las Vegas and culinary delight! Whether you are looking for a famous restaurant or if you want to find a local favorite, the food is delicious. According to OpenTable, there are over 2,000 restaurants in Las Vegas. Since there are so many choices, it can be a little overwhelming when you are trying to choose the perfect place to eat.

One of the things you can do is look at where you already plan to be. Once you see where you plan to be for a show or to visit a casino, you can see what is available there to eat nearby. Mapping out where you are going to eat makes it easier for you to get around Las Vegas.

5) Look for Unique Experiences

There may be some unique experiences that you can find off the beaten path. Look for those unique experiences so you can plan them out during your Las Vegas visit. Some of these things might be outside of people’s normal thought of Las Vegas, and if you don’t have your own car with you, you will need to plan for transportation. Uber, Lyft, a taxi or a rental car might be in order if you plan on visiting a lot of attractions that are not on the strip.

6) Use a Review App Paired with GPS

Not all attractions are created equally so before you start going out to enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas, it is helpful to use a review app. See what attractions and what places to eat other people have enjoyed. Reviews on Google are fine, but you may need more reviews than what you find on Google.

Some of the apps you can download to figure  out where the best places to eat are apps like:

  • EAT24
  • Urbanspoon
  • OpenTable
  • Yelp

Most of these apps make it very easy for you to hit the address and find directions. Use your map to figure out which ones are going to be the best for the route you are already taking.

Looking at the reviews on these sites can help you find the best spots for what you enjoy. Even if a review is less than flattering, that doesn’t mean you won’t like the venue. Pay attention to what the review says and see if their disdain applies to you or not.

Why People Love to Visit Las Vegas

If you think it is too difficult to make your way around Las Vegas, think again because you can find your way with the above tips. Even if you stayed on the strip the whole time you were in Vegas, you would see plenty of sights.

Many people that visit Las Vegas because it offers:

  • Hoover Dam
  • The Neon Museum
  • The Desert
  • The Mountains
  • Political Events
  • Concerts
  • 24-Hours of Entertainment

You may have your own reason to love Las Vegas, but now you know how to navigate around Las Vegas. You also have some great ideas about things you can do while you are in Sin City. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas after all.

Visiting Las Vegas doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime experience. Las Vegas is one of the most popular places for weddings, bachelorette parties and conventions. The more that you visit Las Vegas, the easier it will be to find your way around this adult playground.

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