Thailand & Cambodia Quick Backpacker Tips!

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Thailand & Cambodia Quick Backpacker Tips!

Is it going to be Possible to use One Visa while Traveling to both Cambodia & Thailand?


If the government can get all of the red tape taken care of, backpackers may be able to one day use only one Visa. It would allow them to go backpacking in Cambodia and Thailand. This joint visa proposal is being promoted at Two Kingdoms, One Destination and it is getting a great deal of positive feedback. Both of these countries would love to see tourism rates continue to grow.


For backpackers, it means they don’t have to continue dealing with border issues that can be complex. When they are at border crossings such as Poipet and Aranya Prathet, there can be plenty of scams unfolding relating to visas. As a result, many backpackers select one country or the other to explore. With a joint visa, they will be enticed to check out both of them on the same trip.


Beach Life

Both Cambodia and Thailand have some amazing beaches. A lot of them are picture perfect, and you will find them on various postcards and paintings. For backpackers, it is common to explore the various islands around the West and East coast while in Thailand. There are hundreds of them to choose from so finding a route depends on location, terrain, time, and personal preferences.


The problem though is most of these backpacking areas around Thailand are full of people doing the same thing. It makes it difficult to have isolated areas where you can be alone. Over touristy locations can definitely be a problem. This often depends on the time of the year as well. This is why so many backpackers enjoy exploring Cambodia. The islands there along the coastline are less busy. It reminds older backpackers of how Thailand was several decades ago, but to each their own, try and enjoy both if you have the time!



As you explore either of these lovely areas, you will find there is no shortage of temples. In fact, there may be plenty of them on the agenda where you wish to stop and look at them in detail along your journey. One of the most impressive is in Cambodia, known as Siem Reap. Thailand has some great choices for you to see too, the White Temple in Chiang Rai is definitely unique. Such temples are the key to unlocking cultural elements of these areas you will never forget!


Night Time Activities

After the sun goes down, you want to have plenty of opportunities to enjoy socializing, drinking, dancing, music, and much more. If you want a very active nightlife with plenty of options, Bangkok is the place to check out. Go to Khao san Road and you will find more options than you imagined! Some of them are basic and others offer rooftop bars and live jazz music.


Unknown Treasures

Both Cambodia and Thailand offer incredible countryside and unknown treasures for backpackers to discover. Even if you have heard about them, nothing compares to seeing those areas with your own eyes. It is a wonderful way to get back to nature and to also appreciate the cultures alive.


There are more than 25 million tourists who find their way through both Cambodia and Thailand annually. Getting into the lesser known territories gives you a sense of freedom. You can hike by foot, rent a bicycle, or even a motorbike to get around certain areas. There are plenty of National Parks with gems you will never forget seeing.


Authentic Food

As you go backpacking Thailand or Cambodia, you are in for a treat when it comes to trying various forms of authentic foods. Some of them will become favorites, but try new things so you don’t limit your intake. There are some fabulous cafes and street vendors that you would most likely never find at home. Try the hot and spicy soups, the curry, and the fish cakes. Don’t forget those well-known spring rolls!


Cambodia offers most foods with a spicy kick due to the Thai and Indian influences. Make sure you try some fried crab. In Cambodia, you can also take some cooking classes which will help you to make those wonderful dishes on your own when you go back home.


Meeting people

No matter what time of year you plan to be around Cambodia or Thailand, you can meet a ton of like minded people. Anybody on the same epic journey as yourself will be very friendly, helpful and very relaxed. They aren’t in a huge hurry and that can help you to relax and slow down as well. These are countries considered quite safe to travel through, and that is encouraging to meet similar types of travelers as yourself.



You will find quality hostels for a low price in both of these countries. They are clean, quiet, comfortable, and you will find wonderful décor. The price is about $10 USD in Thailand and about $5 USD in Cambodia so your money can go very far in these countries. Check online and with locals before booking as a lot of booking sites can be misinformative – it’s travelers knowledge that counts!


Overall Costs

It is less expensive to backpack around Cambodia but that doesn’t mean you will pay a ton to go through Thailand. Backpacking through Thailand and Cambodia can be very inexpensive if done right. The cost of accommodations and food are the biggest differences, remember, you don’t have to go to expensive restaurants each and every night. Eating at food vendors is a delicious and cheap option and less than ½ the cost of some upper scale food options you may run into.


Atmosphere for Backpackers

You will find a wonderful atmosphere for backpackers both in Cambodia and Thailand. They welcome backpackers and you will find plenty of areas to explore. You can go to the islands, along the beach, and through the National Parks. You can enjoy the culture in both areas and the great night life. As the possibility to have one visa to travel through both countries continues to move forward, you are strongly encouraged to do so!


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