Photo from the Road: Java Shack, Lawrence, Kansas

By Interstate to Denver
July 12, 2010
Kansas, I think I love you
July 18, 2010

Photo from the Road: Java Shack, Lawrence, Kansas

I had spent the previous night in Lenexa, KS and Lawrence was only a stone’s throw down the road. I made it the few miles down the road to Lawrence where I made my first stop for a coffee from the Java Shack. Filled with vintage furniture and graffitied walls, this coffee shop and cereal bar was nearly empty on this Wednesday morning during the summer holiday. I imagine during the academic year, it’s packed with students from the University of Kansas.

Text and photo by Stephen Bugno

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Stephen Bugno
Stephen Bugno
Stephen Bugno has been traveling the world and writing about it for the better part of 20 years. His articles and essays have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Seattle Times, and Transitions Abroad magazine. He blogs at Bohemian Traveler and edits the independent travel magazine He most recently set up a tour company offering authentic, small group tours at Unquote Travel. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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