January 16, 2016
Northern Lapland in Winter

A Week in Northern Lapland in Winter

My Week in Northern Lapland in Winter I didn’t know exactly what to expect in the northern part of Lapland, at the very top of Finland. […]
July 22, 2015
Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu in Photos

  Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu in Photos The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu easily ranks up there with the best travel experiences and treks of […]
June 28, 2015
trekking colca canyon

Trekking Colca Canyon

Depending on how it’s measured, Colca Canyon is said to be the world’s second deepest canyon–twice as deep as Arizona’s Grand Canyon. We trekked all the […]
January 15, 2014
trekking in Nepal

Highlights of Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal has been 15 of the most spectacular days of hiking in my life. Incredible mountains, tough climbs, unforgettable sunrises, epic views, and interesting […]
March 25, 2013

Finding the Hidden Onsen of Beppu Japan

There are onsen for everybody in Beppu: mud baths, sand baths, and the typical mineral water baths. Onsen is the Japanese word for hot springs. Normally […]
November 14, 2012

Sunrise over Mt. Bromo Indonesia

When I was younger, I always wondered what it would be like to look inside of a volcano. Well, in Indonesia, at Mt. Bromo, I found […]
September 4, 2011

Photo from the Road: New Hampshire Mushrooms

New Hampshire’s Great North Woods is a paradise for any outdoor enthusiast. But while most are casting a fishing line, paddling their canoe, listening to the […]
May 19, 2011

Jungle Trekking in Mulu National Park

By Stephen Bugno The highlight of many visitors trip to Borneo, and the reason for coming at all, is Gunung Mulu National Park. Mulu holds the […]
February 18, 2011

The Hills of Jeju

By Stephen Bugno “Don’t worry about Halla-san.” Says Jonghyun, referring to the massive volcano that dominates the center of the Jeju Island off the southern coast […]
February 9, 2011

Climbing Halla-san

By Stephen Bugno As my South Korea Moon Handbook points out, Halla-San, or Halla Mountain, is the island of Jeju-do. It is South Korea’s highest peak […]
December 18, 2010
solento quindio colombia

Salento, Colombia: The Quintessential Backpacker Village

Salento is not the type of place where you’re going to be the only Gringo in town. Don’t try and fool yourself, it is a touristy […]
November 30, 2010

Colombian Colonial Towns: Barichara and Guane

  Barichara has been called the most beautiful town in Colombia, and it’s really hard to argue that claim. It is gorgeous. Beautiful wide flat stone […]
August 6, 2010

Across Slickrock and through Narrow Canyons

By Stephen Bugno We camped the night before on BLM land up on the Devil’s Backbone Road, the original road from Boulder to Escalante, close to […]
August 3, 2010

The Best National Park You’ve Never Heard of

The Best National Park You’ve Never Heard of   Leaving Winter Park on our way south we would cross the Continental Divide three times before day’s […]
July 26, 2010

Climbing Torreys Peak via Kelso Ridge

By Stephen Bugno Out of breath, hysterical, physically exhausted and shaking from extended adrenaline and fear, I round up the final scramble to the summit of […]
June 15, 2010

Photo from the Road: Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

One of the largest of the very few tracts of old growth forest remaining in the eastern United States, Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is situated in […]