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August 13, 2014
walk around gyor hungary

A Walk around Gyor Hungary

A Walk around Gyor Hungary It was a sunny morning in early spring. I had been riding the overnight train and thought it would be a […]
July 10, 2014

Why you don’t like Singapore (it’s not what you think)

Why you don’t like Singapore (it’s not what you think)   When people tell me that they don’t like Singapore, I have one response for them: […]
June 25, 2014
Viewing Wildlife on the Kinabatangan River

Viewing Wildlife on the Kinabatangan River

The Kinabatangan River is one of Borneo’s most accessible places for viewing wildlife. Hornbills sit in high branches along its banks and white egrets rest closer […]
June 11, 2014
Improve your Mobile Photography

5 Easy Tips to Improve your Mobile Photography

  You don’t have to have a huge DSLR camera to get good images. True, your mobile phone is not a replacement for a good quality […]
June 6, 2014
Celebrating Gawai, the Harvest Festival in Borneo

Celebrating Gawai, the Harvest Festival in Borneo [photos]

Celebrating Gawai, the Harvest Festival in Borneo   When we received an invitation to Gawai, or the Harvest Festival, we didn’t know exactly what to expect. […]
May 15, 2014
arlbergline sceninc railway

The Arlbergline Scenic Railway of Austria [Photos]

The Arlbergline Scenic Railway of Austria  In February, I had the opportunity to ride a number of scenic rail routes in Europe with my Eurail Pass. […]
January 30, 2014
myanmar instagram

Myanmar via Instagram

Myanmar is a fascinating country. For years it’s been off the beaten tourist track. Now it’s opened up and welcoming travelers . In Myanmar you’ll find […]
January 15, 2014
trekking in Nepal

Highlights of Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal has been 15 of the most spectacular days of hiking in my life. Incredible mountains, tough climbs, unforgettable sunrises, epic views, and interesting […]
December 29, 2013

A Year’s Worth of Currency from Asia

After a year of traveling around Asia, I collected a lot of currency. Often times it’s leftover (on purpose, in hopes that I’ll return) but I’m […]
December 23, 2013
Amazing Experiences of 2013

Amazing Experiences of 2013

2013 was an incredible year filled with diverse experiences throughout Asia. Hope you can get an idea of some of the amazing opportunities out there. Travel […]
December 13, 2013

Stunning Bagan Myanmar [photos]

  Bagan is best seen at sunrise and sunset. But really it’s spectacular at any time of day. In the early and late hours you’ll get […]
September 26, 2013
bhaktapur nepal

A Walk around Bhaktapur Nepal

  Upon landing in Nepal we were looking for a small city or quiet town to decompress after a hectic time in India. Kathmandu is crowded, […]
September 19, 2013
Rajasthani Portraits

Rajasthan Portraits from Jodhpur

I’ve made a special effort in India to take more portraits. The diversity of India is best represented by various ethnic groups, their different physical features […]
September 1, 2013

Kolkata (Calcutta) via Instagram

  I recently got my first smart phone. It’s my first phone with a camera, too. I know, I’m a little late when it comes to […]
August 22, 2013

Photos from the Road: Punakha Dzong, rice paddies and a Madman

  After driving over the 3,000 meters+ Dochula Pass, we twisted and turned our way down into the lower elevations of the Punakha Valley. Here we […]
August 13, 2013

7 Views out my train window

I wanted to give a short photo essay capturing the scenery out the window of the train. Trains connect almost every part of India and are an […]
July 2, 2013

Off the Tourist Trail in Junagadh India [Photos]

The following series of photos give an overview of my time spent in Junagadh, India. The ancient city is fascinating but sees few foreign travelers due […]
June 21, 2013

Sri Lanka in Photos

Every adventure in Sri Lanka is bound to start on the railway. So too, does this photo essay of my one month in Sri Lanka.   […]
May 31, 2013

Spotting Elephants in Habarana Eco Park

  Elephants and Sri Lankan civilization have been associated for thousands of years. Killing an elephant was once a capital offense. The animals are still revered […]
May 20, 2013

Photos from the Road: Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations

  I visited the Cameron Highlands for one simple reason: tea. The region, discovered in 1885 by an English-led mapping unit, is one of Malaysia’s favorite […]
May 15, 2013

Facebooking Japan [a photo essay]

A 17-day journey through the lesser-traveled Japan   I thought my Facebook campaign for Japan was quite successful and I wanted to compile all those highlights […]
May 6, 2013

Photos from the Road: Vigan Philippines

    I could make a number of comparisons with Vigan. But really it is a unique city of The Philippines. Located on the west coast […]
April 27, 2013

Snorkeling and Diving on Malapascua Island

You’d hardly think it, but fifteen years ago, Malapascua Island was just another small fishing island in the Philippines.   The guidebooks tout Malapascua as the […]
April 19, 2013

Photos from the Road: Bantayan Island Beach and Ocean

After roughing it through long, sweaty bus rides and too many nights in grimy hotels, it was a relief to finally arrive on Bantayan Island. Situated […]