Why you’ll love an ocean cruise

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Why you’ll love an ocean cruise

There’s a reason that so many people take to the seas, year after year, in search of their own cruise adventure. No, it’s not the refreshing sea breeze, although that might have a little to do with it. Thanks to the amazing facilities and experiences that ships harbor, people fall in love with cruises – here’s why you will too.

The simplicity

Do you ever find it hard to pin down just ONE destination for a holiday? The world is your oyster, but picking one place to visit is hard, and planning how to get there is another issue altogether. With a cruise, your itinerary is planned to a fine tee, all you have to do is pay the bill! To top it off, you can visit a host of different ports and countries – and you’ll only need to unpack once.

When on a cruise, you can touch on different cultures within days of one another. Wander through Barcelona and marvel at Gaudi’s architecture, before docking on the shores of Italy after a few days sailing the Mediterranean. Such diversity already places cruising above many other forms of holidaying, but then there’s the reason that many cruise for alone – the luxury…

Swanky ships

Maldives islands, Indian Ocean

Unwinding with a glass of wine is relaxing enough. Now imagine doing so to the backdrop of a calm Indian Ocean. You’re surrounded on all sides by sea and a glimmering sunset, while a classy jazz ensemble soundtracks the evening from behind you. In many ways, these vessels are the most sophisticated and indulgent ways to travel. Feeling a little tense? Take advantage of the ship’s fine masseuses before going for a dip in the on-deck swimming pool. Evenings are spent dining in celebrity chef affiliated restaurants, and not much comes close to sipping a morning coffee looking out across the open seascape. What’s not to love?

Make new friends

The best part of the entertainment on a vessel is often the company. You’ll be surrounded by people of similar interests: you’re all on the same boat, after all! If there’s one thing cruise ships have no shortage of, it’s bars. Take the opportunity to get to know your fellow passengers. Kick back, order a few ice cold cocktails, and enjoy conversations with people from all over the world – you never know who you might meet.

Watch films on deck

Many ships screen films on a makeshift outdoor cinema. Grab a few blankets, some snacks, and enjoy a Hollywood classic as you cruise through the open ocean.

You know what you’ll spend

DSC01375, Golden Princess Cruise ship

Unlike other holidays, when the cost snowballs from day to day, you know exactly how much you’ll spend on a cruise. The all-inclusive nature of many lines means you can cap your spending and still revel in the opulent surroundings of a cruise ship.

Pick up souvenirs

When you dock, you’ll likely explore a wide range of enriching destinations. Why not pick up some unique gifts you’d never find anywhere else? After all, a mug from the sacred Old City of Dubrovnik sure beats any aging crockery back home.

Now you know what’s in store, the tide is high for you to set sail and relish experiences on the high seas!

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