6 Tips on How to Avoid Food Poisoning When You’re Traveling

March 2, 2017
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6 Tips on How to Avoid Food Poisoning When You’re Traveling

Most people like to indulge when they’re holidaying around the world, with the opportunity to sample the culinary delights of a foreign land too good to miss out on. And why shouldn’t you taste the cuisine of our worldly neighbors? There are cultures that simply produce tantalizing dishes, and you’ll keep coming back for more.

But not everything served abroad is something to tuck into. Whilst you’ll be keen to try new things, it’s always best to practice caution – especially in countries where the hygiene levels are a little lower than what you’re used to.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at 6 ways to stop your tummy turning when you’re overseas:

Avoid raw and undercooked food

Okay, probably an obvious one – but it still needs to be said. There are some parts of the world it’d be advised to steer clear of raw and undercooked food – namely Asia and Africa. Our stomachs can’t handle it, and the chance are you’ll end up with Traveller’s Diarrhea (TD). Not pretty.
Barcelona Market

Dodge food at room temperature

Ah, the all-inclusive hotel. A buffet to beat all buffets welcomes you – with food supplied on demand throughout the day. The only question is, how long has this food really been sitting out? It may very well be cooked to excellent standards, but if it has been at room temperature for some time, you’ll want to avoid.

Skip the ice cubes

Soaring temperatures and burning sun – some traveler’s idea of the perfect break. But whilst keeping hydrated is important, avoid the ice cubes. You probably know to buy bottled water, rather than use water straight from the tap. But ice cubes are from the same source as tap water. Therefore, all you’ll have is a dodgy belly for a few days.

Use the sanitizer

The food could be prepped and cooked to high standards, but if you don’t maintain basic hygiene, you’ll be infecting it yourself. Get hold of a simple hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content, and wash your hands before every meal – especially when tucking into street food.
Hand sanitizer

Watch the dairy

Dairy has live bacteria – this means it goes off easily. Therefore, if you’re not sure where the dairy food and drink has been kept, it’s advised to skip it altogether. Does it smell fine? Is it cold? Could it have been refrozen? These are all questions Thrifty Nomads say you should be asking when it comes to consuming dairy products.

Think medication

Despite your best efforts, unfortunately, it’s still possible to become ill abroad. So, to counter this we’d suggest taking medication along for the ride (just in case). For instance, doctors suggest bismuth subsalicylate – taking 2 ounces of liquid or two chewable tablets each day can reduce the chance of TD from 40% to 14%. Worth adding to your luggage.

And there you have it. 6 ways you can avoid and prevent food poisoning and with it, a potentially ruined trip abroad. Traveling should be an amazing experience, so take the right precautions.

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