January News – Where is Moldova?

January 19, 2017
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Why I’m Going to Moldova
January 18, 2017
Tokyo on a Tight Budget
Traveling Tokyo on a Tight Budget
February 9, 2017

January News from Bohemian Traveler – Where is Moldova?

A wine taster in California is impressed by a new wine from Moldova and asks “In what part of France is Moldova situated?”

He later learns that Moldova is a small country of the former Soviet Union, located to the east of Romania, known for wine its cultivation. Although it traditionally produced mass quantities of wine during the Soviet era, Moldova is now punching above its weight class in quality.

I’ve been in Moldova for the past four days and I’m impressed. The country is virtually unknown in terms of tourism and I’ve come in part to put it on the tourism map. And wine is only part of the story.

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A Temporary Home in Bucharest

We left our temporary month-long base in Bucharest, Romania. It’s not my favorite city in Europe, but I certainly have no regrets about spending a month there, and by our final week we were already getting sentimental about our time there. In the coming month, I’ll publish a digital nomad’s guide to Bucharest, just like I did for Budapest.

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Next week Juno and I will fly back to Korea for Lunar New Year.

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Unquote Travel

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New tours are up!

Additionally here’s Mongolia, Thailand, Korea, Experience Galapagos, Arctic Experience in Norway, and Finland.

Taiwan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Sichuan Province, Transylvania, Moldova coming soon!

Hope to see you on one of our trips. If you want a $100 off coupon for one of the tours, just ask me.

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