Mental Health Travelling Tips

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Mental Health Travelling Tips

Mental Health Travelling Tips

Mental illness is more common than you think. It will affect up to one out of every four of us in any given year. Nearly everyone loves to travel. With that in mind, I’m publishing this infographic: Travelling State of Mind: 20 Tips for Traveling with Mental Heath Issues. This gives you practical tips to stay safe and sound during your next trip. It involves not only advice for what to do while traveling but also how to prepare before you leave.

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Hopefully, this has given you some ideas for staying safe while traveling. Many of these are common sense items, but it’s important to be reminded of these. Planning ahead is always a good idea, as is getting travel insurance. Before you depart for your trip, leave a copy of your passport and insurance information with a trusted party.

Things to keep in mind while you’re on the road are as follows. Getting enough sleep each night and eating healthy are always excellent ways to give your body an extra boost. Avoiding alcohol will help you accomplish both of these more easily. Periodically checking in with your friends and family is a good preventative measure as well.

If you take medication, check beforehand to make sure it is legal wherever you are going. Also, don’t forget to bring enough, and a little bit extra in case your plans change. Taking along a prescription also is not a bad idea in case you need to get more.

Finally, do some research to know where to look out for help while abroad should you need some.

Hope these tips and infographic will provide you with some ideas to help you on your next trip. Enjoy your travels and be safe.

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