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We’re super-excited to announce a special small group trip to South Korea in April 2017! Like all our previous trips, we’ll be focusing on local food and culture and getting the most unique travel experiences. Our trips utilize public transport and we’ll be staying in double rooms in guest houses, traditional inns, and even spending one night doing a “temple stay” program. Best of all, we’ll have Juno Kim leading the group. She’s back in her hometown of Seoul after traveling the world for the past five years. She’s eager to show our group the subtleties of Korean culture and guide us through Korean cuisine.


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experience korea tour


Experience Korea Tour

Our specially designed itinerary gives you the best of experiencing all that Korea has to offer: a rich history, living culture, insightful museums, pulsating cities, and a taste of the world-famous Korean cuisine. South Korea truly is a swirl of ancient ways meeting modernity and with us you’ll experience this county from a locals’ perspective. From beyond the typical tourist path, we’ll show you old neighborhoods and real markets, digging into a wide variety of favorite Korean foods.


Seoul – Jirisan – Yeosu – Busan – Gyeongju – Andong – Seoul


16-27 April, 2017 (12 day / 11 night Itinerary)


From South Korea’s political and commercial heart to the peaceful islands off the southern coast to the well-preserved villages of the rugged interior, we’ll witness the real Korea–as authentic as it gets.


In Seoul you’ll tour colorful palaces, wander through traditional neighborhood markets, do some urban hiking, check out the shopping scene, and sample the city’s delicious street food.


At Jirisan National Park we’ll overnight at Hwaeomsa Temple, where Korean history, culture, and tradition have been preserved as well as Buddha’s teachings. A Temple Stay here will help us experience first-hand what a Buddhist monk’s life is all about.


In the beautiful port city of Yeosu we’ll explore the history of one of Korea’s most famous seaman- Admiral Yi, as well as sail out onto the sea ourselves to Dadohae National marine park.


In second city Busan we’ll hit the highlights and indulge in seafood. Raw fish anyone? We’ll browse the live seafood at Jagalchi market and then have the hoe (raw fish) prepared straight away. Follow that up with an evening of street snacks, shopping, bar-hopping, or just strolling around.


Gyeongju is Korea’s ancient cultural city and the former capital of the once mighty Silla Kingdom. Here we’ll see royal tombs, burial mounds, historic artifacts, traditional architecture, and an excellent museum and more.


On the way back to Seoul we’ll stop overnight in Andong, a historically conservative and traditional stronghold of Confucianism. Here we’ll visit Hahoe Village, a wonderfully kept traditional village of rural Korea, as well as the classical Confucian architecture at Dosan Seowan.


On the final day, we’ll return to Seoul. If you are staying longer in Seoul we’re happy to help you with any accommodation booking or sightseeing tips. Or we’d love to take you along on our weekend hiking trip to Seoraksan National Park, starting on the following day.



experience korea tour


Incredibly we’ve priced this trip at only $1399 for 12 days/11 nights. Remember it’s a small group, max of 12. That’s an outstanding value, thanks to our insider knowledge and the strong dollar! You won’t find a better-value trip on the market. Our trip includes all transportation (except airport transfer, which by the way, is inexpensive and easy. Don’t worry, we’ll give you the details), all accommodation in shared double rooms (note: the Temple stay night is group accommodation), all included attractions and sights, and at least one meal per day, plus welcome meals in each city.


experience korea tour

Here’s where to get more details: Experience Korea Tour


or, go here to sign up: Sign up for the Experience Korea Tour



experience korea tour


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