Why I’m going to Australia

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March 11, 2015
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Why I’m going to Australia

why im going to australia

I’ve been making excuses for years. It’s too expensive. It’s too far away. I can travel to Australia when I’m old. There’s only a small truth to each, but none should have prevented me from going. But on April 18th I’ll be heading to Australia for the first time.

why im going to australia

Why Outback Queensland?

Last year, Juno of RunawayJuno.com visited Queensland including the Outback. I enjoyed her coverage of the state, learning a lot, including what a bilbly is and the fact that Brisbane is a city with a lot of public art. Before that I only knew what most people do about Queensland; that it’s home to the Great Barrier Reef and to some of the best beaches on earth.


Juno is returning to Queensland, and this time, after our recent traditional Korean wedding, I’m going with her. After arriving in Brisbane, we’re flying straight to the Outback, Charleville to be exact. We’ll be participating in (or at the media team least covering) the event Outback Trailblazer, a week-long, 2,000+ kilometer road (and off-road!) rally fund raiser for Angel Flight.


There are tons of fun things planned for the week and we’ll be stopping in small towns along the way, all of them very remote. Even by day one we’ll be in Australia’s furthest town from the sea. Stayed tuned for updates here on the blog and on my Facebook page and Google+ channel.
Be inspired by Outback Queensland, where the land and the people tell Australia’s story.

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Stephen Bugno
Stephen Bugno
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  1. rebecca says:

    very exciting! welcome to my country 🙂

  2. Sofia says:

    It’s nice that you’re finally giving Australia a chance to be explored and for you to see its greatness, its undeniable beauty, its nice and chill people.. the coolest people on earth, or one of the coolest. Enjoy your stay!

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