France: The Very Best Place in Europe to Ski?

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France: The Very Best Place in Europe to Ski?

France is without question one of the ultimate ski destinations in the entire world. While prices may be higher than in other parts of Europe, visitors continue to flock to these stunning peaks year after year for their exceptional pistes, gorgeous ski chalets and of course, classic French culture. Here are just a few of the reasons why France is the ideal choice for a snowy escape.


As the days get shorter and the temperatures fall, there begins a steady and rather idyllic fall of snow which blankets French mountains until spring. Many of France’s ski resorts sit high in the sky, reaching rather remarkable altitudes which ensure relatively reliable snow-fall each year. For beginners and experienced skiers alike, fresh and abundant snow is the be all and end all of a fantastic time on the piste.



France offers the widest range of skiing options anywhere in Europe. Not only does it boast magnificent downhill skiing facilities, but there are plenty of cross-country resorts as well which allow visitors to explore the snow-covered countryside in a whole new way. From the Alps to the Pyrenees, skiers of all levels and interests can find something spectacular to suit their skill level and budget. There are resorts for couples, families and groups while independent travelers can source the gorgeous ski chalets France has to offer on remote mountainsides or self-catering cottages in local charming villages.

Off-Piste Activity

One of the greatest things about a hitting the slopes in France is everything that visitors can do when they’re not skiing. Apres-ski activities in France can include anything from a five star meal to a relaxing respite in a steamy sauna. From ice-skating to wine-tasting, the perks of French ski holidays are virtually endless. Resorts throughout the country offer something for everyone with some catering to nightlife-seeking party people, while others focus on family-friendly offerings like childcare and kids clubs.


Whether it’s your first trip down a piste or you’ve skied the same resort for decades, there is something truly magical about the snow-capped mountains of France.


Images by Doc Searls and Everjean, used under the Creative Commons license.

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